iAudit Lens With HRM For Manage Your Entire Organization

Hassle free attendance with no human errors! Just Install on any android device. Its that simple! Convert any android mobile into a Face Attendance device, No need to mark attendance manually


Powerful Attendance Management System

Revolutionize your attendance tracking with our Efficient Attendance Management Software. Streamline the process of recording and managing attendance effortlessly. From creating customizable shifts to implementing a shift reminder engine, our software ensures a seamless experience for both administrators and employees. Set up grace period policies for shifts, automate warnings, and mark absences for late arrivals, all in one intuitive platform. Experience efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility in attendance management like never before.

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Android Based Lens Attendance System

Efficiently managing attendance through iaudit-HRM involves seamless integration with Android Based Lens Device across various organizational locations. This advanced Attendance Tracker System empowers you to monitor employee attendance in real-time. The system ensures that unsaved attendance records are automatically synchronized once the device regains online connectivity.

Shift Mechanism for Attendance

Simplify the task of scheduling duty periods with our user-friendly and resilient shift management system. The Attendance Management Software offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to effortlessly create and customize a multitude of shifts tailored to your organization's needs. To enhance adherence to these shifts, our innovative shift reminder engine ensures timely check-ins before and check-outs after each shift by sending out notifications through email and the mobile app.

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Geo-Fencing Features

The geofencing feature developed by iAudit HRM with advanced technology is available on Android mobile applications. So, Android users easily enjoy this feature & use it simply & flexibly and also helps the use it according to convenience.

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