Unlock Your Potential Tailored Solutions with iAudit Customization Plans

A Complete HR Management Solution with Payroll, Employee Hiring and Onboarding Process.

iAudit HRM helps in monitoring and managing employee data. Common hr functions include payroll, tracking and recruiting.


Tailored Employee Record Management: Customize with Ease

Customize employee records and forms effortlessly with our user-friendly features. Tailor the information fields, layouts, and formats to suit your organization's unique needs. Our platform empowers you to create personalized employee profiles and forms, ensuring that you capture the data that matters most to your business. Experience flexibility and efficiency in managing employee information with our customizable features.


Tailored Reporting Precision: Customize Attendance and Payroll Reports

Effortlessly customize your Attendance and Payroll reports with our intuitive tools. Tailor the content, formats, and details to align with your organization's specific requirements. Our platform ensures that you have the flexibility to generate insightful reports that cater to your unique needs. Experience seamless customization for precise and efficient tracking of attendance and payroll data.

We Customize Employee Notifications, Request and Requirements

Empower your organization's communication with customizable features for employee notices, requests, and communication. Tailor the content and format to meet the specific needs of your company. Our platform provides flexibility for creating personalized communication channels, ensuring seamless and effective interactions within your workforce. Customize communication tools to align with your organization's unique requirements and foster efficient employee engagement. Customization is available on web and mobile app both with extra cost.

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We offer free HRM Upto 10 Users